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Appellate Law

The attorneys at Weaver & Budd Law recognize the high stakes and high expense associated with filing an appeal. If you are unhappy with a lower court’s decision, the first step is a thorough review of your case to assess the probability of success on appeal. If filing the appeal is in your best interest, our attorneys possess the requisite knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the appellate process.

Weaver & Budd Law handles appeals for its own clients as well as referrals from other law firms. We recognize a successful appeal is based on having an attorney who knows the specialized rules governing the appeals process, as well as an attorney who possesses exceptional written and oral argument expertise.

The appeals process is a highly specialized area of practice. Appellate decisions are based almost entirely on the written legal brief drafted by your appellate attorney. Very few appeals are argued orally before the appellate courts in North Carolina. North Carolina’s appeals system requires an attorney to have complete mastery over the facts and the law relevant to your particular case, as well as the ability to apply the law persuasively to the facts of your case in order to prove your position is the correct one.

At Weaver & Budd Law, we pride ourselves on our personalized interaction to our clients. If you are in need of an attorney to handle your appeal, please contact us today at 704-841-0760. You may also fill out the inquiry form found under our Contact Us Page.